Mystery Quiz information

A Mystery Quiz contains:

  • A guide for the Quizmaster
  • A no. of quiz books depending on no. of teams
  • Sealed black envelope with answers
  • A no. of pens depending on no. of teams
  • Prizes for the winning team

To challenge each other in the Mystery Quiz, you must split into teams of 3 people in each. You must also choose who will be the Quizmaster (the Quizmaster can still join a team, though). The Quizmaster keeps track of time, reads the answers out loud and announces the winners.

All of the teams get a quiz book, then they will have 1.5 minutes to read each of the question and consider possible answers – the Quizmaster keeps track of time, and informs when you have to turn the page to the next question.

When all questions have been reviewed, the Quizmaster opens the sealed envelope and reads the responses and the related anecdotes out loud.

Finally the Quizmaster will declare the winner of the Mystery Quiz, and the included prizes will be handed out.

Example on quiz questions:

The history of the Freemasons states that King Solomon ordered the building of the first lodge temple. The entrance to the temple was allegedly flanked by two mighty….?

Carl Jacobsen’s logo for the Ny Carlsberg Bryggeri (New Carlsberg Brewery) was dropped after 59 years. Why?