Mystery Makers Denmark is hiring Game Designers

Mystery Makers Denmark is Hiring Game Designers

Show it don't tell it!

Mystery Makers is an award-winning game company. We design physical puzzle games in the genre that we call "enterbrainment". We make treasure hunts and real life escape games that combine riddles with social interactions with the purpose of making you and your companions smarter and better at cooperation. We prefer simple solutions to complex ideas.

Think: Set and Tetris. Keep it simple, less is more.

• have designed games before, for fun or professionally
• understand people and know how to engage them in play
• know your puzzles
• are independent, but thrive, when working in a team

No programming skills required.

Send your application marked “Game Designer” to before the 31th of December.
Tell us about yourself, three of your all time favorite games and/or puzzles (digital and non-digital) and do not forget to show us what you have designed before!

We think that is best to test our applicants in action, so we will hold a GameJam on the 14th and 15th of January 2017, where we will hand pick the next generation of our physical game designers.

The Chairman of this GameJam jury will be Thomas Vigild. Mystery Makers reserves the rights for the commercial use of the ideas created as part of the GameJam.


Best Regards


Agi Acs

Head of Game Design

Mystery Makers