We turn everyday life
into a mystery

Prize-winning events in Copenhagen

Mystery Makers create experiences where participants interact with each other through creative, entertaining and brain-teasing products. We call this enterbrainment.

Mystery Makers has won the Danish Creative Business Cup and holds the title of "Denmarks best entrepreneurs from the creative industries" 2012-2013.

Mystery Hunt - The King´s secret

Mystery Hunt - The King's secret

Try a unique experience in the heart of Copenhagen Mystery Hunt: The King’s Secret. Treat your friends, family, or colleagues to an entertaining and brain teasing treasure hunt in the King’s Garden and discover the secrets of royal danish history.

Read about The King's secret in The Copenhagen Post here

Mystery Quiz

The Mystery Quiz fits thematically with your chosen Mystery Room. It puts your knowledge at stake on the mysteries of modern science or the dark secrets of the human mind. The Mystery Box will contain illustrated quiz books as well as prizes for the winning team. The Mystery Quiz provides you with approx. 45 minutes of challenging entertainment.

Mystery Room

Our Mystery Room is part of the worldwide entertainment trend called live escape games. The idea is simple. Crack the codes, break the locks and beat the clock! In the company of others you must discover your hidden talents and unite your powers within 60 minutes to escape an old cellar in the heart of Copenhagen. 
The rooms have been designed in collaboration with artists, coaches and prop finders.